Staff Augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation to Upscale and Up Skill Your Enterprise

Get access certified IT professionals, skilled software developers, business analysts, Scrum Masters, and QA specialists with our IT staff augmentation services. We understand the need for talented and skilled resources, and help you fill the skill gap with the right pool of talented individuals within your budget.

With our staffing services you can achieve the perfect balance between cost-efficiency and project progress. We are there to help you scale your IT teams quickly within time, you can scale your team up or down with ease and efficiency.

We also understand that recruitment can be a tedious and costly process. Often good resources are lost due to the time-consuming, tedious and lengthy interview process. We help you get the relevant staffing support without overpaying for redundant recruitment process and eliminating the time-consuming paperwork hassle of the screening process.

Our Core IT Staffing Augmentation Services

Contract to
Hire (on-site)

Our Contract to Hire Staffing Services gives you an opportunity to scale your team without making a long-term hiring commitment. You save critical time by contracting an employee for a short time, and you get the opportunity to fulfill your IT project demands and well as check if the employee is a right fit for the role and company culture. The entire selection process is managed by our talented team of recruiters, while optimizing the time to hire.

Contract to
Hire (off-site)

Our off-site staff augmentation services are designed to provide the best resources at your location. We do the actual recruitment work, thereby eliminating the time-consuming screening and interview hassle for you. Our aim is to empower you with qualified, experienced and talented resources. We bring you best operational flexibility, enhanced business focus, cost-savings to facilitate your business growth with a skilled and professional team.

Contract to
Hire (offshore)

Since the demand for qualified skilled resources is growing at an exponential rate, more and more companies are finding it difficult to find suitable candidates for their tech projects. Our offshore staff augmentation services are specially tailored to revamp your in-house dedicated team of resources as per your business requirement. Simply interview the candidate, approve and select the candidate and take charge of your offshore team while we, at OpenEyes ensure that all the infrastructure and administrative functions are streamlined for you.


Hiring technical resources is challenging, often it’s a case of trial and error. The best resources are hired only when recruitment agencies take the time necessary to understand your company, the skills required, the team dynamics and your company’s corporate culture, and your business objectives. And the best way to ensure these outcomes is by doing business in person and taking the time to understand your needs. We at OpenEyes ensure that we do not skip this critical phase, our dedicated account managers and recruiters ensure that we understand your company’s vision, mission, and strategy so that we find people who share the same passion as you and understand your long-term objectives.

How We Help You

Why Choose OpenEyes

Unparallel Experience

Our dedicated and experienced team of recruitment specialists are there with you to fulfill your hiring requirements.

Recruitment Specialists

Our IT staff augmentation services ensure that you get the best technical, professional, and managerial talents as per the project model requirement.

Agile Recruitment Process

Our Agile recruitment process makes hiring responsive to match the needs of the business while making the whole process more efficient and less risky.

Trusted Service Providers

Our IT augmentation services save the hassle of searching for qualified and vetted talent. Our thorough screening process ensures that we provide you with the best of the resources always.

Fast Hiring Process

Ramp up your team quickly with our recruitment and staff augmentation services. We ensure that we provide you with the most qualified and talent resources for quick and efficient hiring.