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OpenEyes has noted expertise in developing marketable commercial software for both businesses and individual consumers. We conduct an in-depth analysis to understand the technology, industry, and market trends which helps identify the loopholes and mounting demands for innovative software products. Our key differentiating factors are robust technology, technical expertise, and commitment to ensuring a top-quality user experience.

Software Products Categories

Industry-specific solutions
Systems management, storage, and file management
Digital Products
& Solutions
Project management, asset management systems, and ERP solutions
Voice and audio processing
Control Systems
3rd party integrations and machine automation

Our Products

Assessment Platform

Our skills and knowledge evaluation Assessment Platform is an interactive tool for taking Assessments online. The multi-functional assessment platform is helpful for recruitment assessments, employee assessments for training purposes, sales training, customer service, safety procedures, and online certifications for credentialing.

Learning Management System

A Web-based Learning Management System where instructors can create courses seamlessly and track their student's progress through their training and programs while a student can learn something new at any time having progress of their course or training at any time.

Human Resource Information System-MOE

MOE is a cloud-based HR Solution designed to support end-to-end HR functionalities by assisting the users and stakeholders to become self-reliant for their data needs. Our strategic solutions empower employees and help them reach their true potential. Our contemporary HR dashboard provides high-level, real-time data on the most critical aspects of HR success.

Survey Platform

Research tools help to uncover complex insights and push your business to the forefront of your industry. Our one of kind survey platform allows the users to create multiple types of surveys, such as; workforce skills surveys for both the employees and credentialing institutions. When real-time employee responses are delivered via intuitive dashboards, it gives organizations actionable insights and resolves the most challenging research problems.

Learn Feedback

Learn feedback is an evidence-based inventory that measures how employees deliver and receive feedback. It is a valid, reliable, fair self-report inventory that can provide direct results and quantifiable solutions. Instead of guessing how an organization can improve, this tool can uncover the results with our specially designed score reports and personalized training programs.

Feedback AI

Our innovative feedback delivery product lets users provide real-time feedback via Google Home and Alexa. Easily collect and analyze feedback from your customers or target audience. Create the questions, mix and match questions to get valuable insights on your products and services, conduct market research, and collect customer feedback. Remove the struggle of analyzing the user responses as we automate it all.

Our Development Process

What we Offer

Client-Centric Solutions

Our highly customized design and development approaches focus on building a long-term partnership and completing specific tasks promptly.

Reduced Development Costs

Our experience, expertise, and solutions accelerators enable fast product rollout, quick customizations, and smooth delivery. We cater to all our client's evolving business needs with unparallel capability and efficiency.

Ethical Management Practices

From monitoring safety and compliance to the controlling system and network security, we ensure that our management practices implement a meaningful digital change.

Committed Teams

We leverage our deep technical knowledge and unparalleled software engineering expertise to develop state-of-the-art software products.

Quality & Security

Our computer data security and quality control metrics focus on accomplishing agency goals without compromising the security and quality of your system and network.