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Assessment Platform for
Nursing Certification Management

Industry: Healthcare

About the Project & Challenges

Our client is the only professional association in the U.S. for medical-surgical nurses. They support nurses throughout their professional careers, from nursing school through certification. Our client has a dynamic community of over 10,000 medical-surgical nurses and are committed to quality patient care through professional development, certification, scholarship, and advocacy. They offer several certification programs and products to their members as well as organizational partners. Our client wanted to revamp the process of administering assessments for nurses and monitor their business through a digital aggregator channel. They required a platform that facilitated multilevel user registration for administering the assessments and gave an analytical overview of their user’s activities.

To address this challenge, we guided them to invest in a library of APIs to streamline their user registration process and increase business growth by integrating their distribution channels. They reached out to us to help them build a cloud-based skill assessment platform for multilevel users and a dashboard for internal users that gave them a consolidated view of the entire organization and external administrators.

Assessment Platform for Nursing Certification Management

A Snapshot of the Project Requirement

  • A cloud-based master organizational level Dashboard where a user or an organization can register themself and connect its users to access the products.
  • The dashboard should display the analytics of the entire organization.
  • The dashboard also acts as a landing page for the products and connector for the Primary Contact and Organization’s Administrators.
  • Serve multiple user groups – User (to access products), Organizational Admin (to view multiple users), and Super Admin (to view any user or organization).

Our Challenges Briefly!

  • Displaying the User Connection History was essential as a User can have connections with multiple Organizations implying that multiple Organizations can connect the same User with the ‘Master organization’.
  • Designing the UI and workflow for multi-level user groups.
  • Modular development with complex functionality.
  • Bulk upload of multiple organizations and their user data.
  • Managing the project delivery risk during the pandemic.

Our Approach

As a key strategic partner, we first understood the scope of our client’s business. We leveraged our knowledge about the client’s business processes and existing technology stack. This learning approach streamlined our ability to devise a right-fit solution to address our client’s business requirements.

Based on our findings, we developed real time API-driven B2B integration capabilities between the client and other business organizations in our client’s business value chain. We designed the workflow and implemented the business integration, which included a solution that enabled registration of other organizations and independent users.

We ensured that the website was responsive on all the operating systems, after extensive testing for fixing bugs on various platforms, we achieved smooth operation of the platform. We understood that a strong engineering impact is a starting point for the implementation, we began with this point of view and leveraged a modern, scalable technology stack.

Process and Improvements

We fine-tuned the service operational parameters to make the registration process hassle-free for users. As an ISO 9001 QMS compliant company, we ensured that there are no service shortcomings. To ensure reliability and reliance of the assessment platform we did manual testing, VAPT and automation testing. Tools such as Katalon Studio helped to automate the testing. Our extensive testing procedures analyzed performance bottlenecks, CPU loads and resolved leaks and issues.

Scaling up & Removing Roadblocks

We expected the transaction volume to increase faster with the release of the APIs, making it essential to focus and improve the service performance. Since there was no dedicated load test environment, we ensured that the performance of the platform was never compromised, we addressed this issue with scalable cloud hosting on AWS.

Other Features

  • Our B2B integration solution to sync licenses for multiple organizations and users.
  • Statistical and graphical reports for a complete overview of dashboard to the super admin.
  • Administer assessments to healthcare professionals for multiple competencies.
  • Extensive configuration options to the super admin for flexibility.