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AI/ML Developer
(Python, ML Algorithms, AWS Lamda, NodeJS)

OpenEyes is hiring a programmer with an eye for developing the software with artificial intelligence in mind. Come be a part of an innovative, lean team transforming digital services and helping lead the next gen transformation in an open, positive, and rewarding work environment!


Vadodara (India)




3-5 Years

Job Type
Job Type

Full time (Flexible)

Key Skills

  • Design, train and deploy machine learning/ deep learning models according to business requirements.
  • Evaluation of machine learning models with appropriate performance metric.
  • Expertise in NLP (Natural Language Processing), LLM (Large Language Models), Computer vision and speech-to-text models.
  • Must have experience with models like - LLama, Falcon, BERT, T5 transformer, hugging face models.
  • Experience with machine learning models for classification, regression, and clustering tasks. Should have experience in NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Spacy, Scikit-learn, Tensorflow and PyTorch framework.
  • Expert knowledge in Python and development tools like Google Colab, Jupiter Notebook and AWS Sagemaker.
  • Should be familiar with data drift and retrain models (if needed) based on outcomes and modified data.
  • Expertise in deploying models on AWS, hands-on on AWS services like Sagemaker, EC2, ECS and Kubernetes are preferred.
  • Outstanding analytical and problem-solving skills.

Good to have skills

  • Hands-on experience on LangChain or LLamaIndex is preferred.
  • Should be familiar with GAN and RAG based application development.
  • Study and transform data science/ artificial intelligence prototypes (POC).
  • Use AI to empower the company with novel capabilities.

How To Apply

We are always delighted to receive interesting resumes.
Please email yours to to consider joining us.

Please be sure to tell us why you think that working with us might make a difference to your life, to OpenEyes, and to our customers.