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AI/ML Developer (AWS / Alexa / Google / Cortana / Siri)

OpenEyes is hiring a programmer with an eye for developing the software with artificial intelligence in mind. Come be a part of an innovative, lean team transforming digital services and helping lead the next gen transformation in an open, positive, and rewarding work environment!

Key Skills

  • Convert machine learning models into APIs for applications accessibility
  • Running machine learning tests and experiments
  • Implementing appropriate ML algorithms
  • Creating machine learning models and retraining systems
  • Study and transform data science prototypes
  • Design machine learning systems
  • Research and implement appropriate ML algorithms and tools
  • Train and retrain systems when necessary
  • Test and deploy models
  • Use AI to empower the company with novel capabilities
  • Designing and developing machine learning and deep learning system
  • Outstanding analytical and problem-solving skills


  • Excellent in Python programming
  • Experience with AWS Lamda
  • Experience with Alexa skills
  • Alexa skill directives


  • Excellent in NodeJS programming
  • Experience with GCP
  • Using built-in intents and developing custom intents

How to Apply

We are always delighted to receive interesting resumes. Please email yours to to consider joining us.

Please be sure to tell us why you think that working with us might make a difference to your life, to OpenEyes, and to our customers.

Experience1-3 Years
Job TypeInterns/Beginners level