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About Project

Learnfeedback is a program built to assess, train, monitor, and coach individuals in your organization.

Straehle Feedback Inventory, The SFI is a scientifically sound, evidence-based inventory that measures how employees deliver and receive feedback. This instrument has been designed as a valid, reliable, and fair self-report inventory that can deliver direct results and quantifiable solutions. Instead of guessing at how your organization can improve, they can uncover your results with our specially designed score reports and our personalized training programs. They understand your strengths and areas of opportunity, and analyses it to fit you.


  • Assessment with deliver and receive feedback
  • Self Assessment and Multi Rater provision
  • Roles and permission-based dashboards
  • Data analysation
  • Graph based presentation
  • Licence based feedback and invitations
  • 3 layered supplication with dynamic roles and permissions


  • Lacking of multirater feedback collection
  • Manual work for user and feedback category-based report system
  • Excel report generation and course recommendations
  • Missing provision of choosing feedback view to client and user


  • Dynamic feedback collection
  • Graphical view of multirater feedback
  • Tour guide to help user in navigation and understanding terms
  • Discount based Licence pack selling and purchase
  • Notifications on all important actions